Women’s Equality: The Power of the Collective

Women’s Equality: The Power of the Collective
Women’s Equality: The Power of the Collective

Women’s Equality: The Power of the Collective

By Chen Lee Yun

Women are often labelled. For example: “young”, “the girl with single eyelids”, “fat”, “spinster”, “boss lady”, “mother”, “wife”, or “housewife” and so on. People are superficial and they tend to only see the appearance of people, especially in this day and age, when branding and packaging is emphasized. From ancient times to the present, the social status of women has gradually improved. In this era where most women understand the balance between the sexes, the fairer sex may claim to be treated and acknowledged as equals. And rightly so, they should be.

Today, women are still being judged and treated differently. “Housewives not suitable for work”, “women can only do certain jobs”, “it is the mother’s responsibility to take care of the children”, “women should honour her parents-in-law”, “women should be well-proportioned but shouldn’t wear sexy clothes”, “be discreet when buying sanitary napkins”, “unmarried pregnancy is fornication” and so on.

We need to work together to defend the equal rights of women.


Some people like imposing their own concepts and obsessions onto others, just to prove that their ideas are right. Each one of us is different, and we are shaped by our upbringing. Thus, one should never be condescending and impose on others. The key word here is: RESPECT.

We must understand the fine line, and balance between men and women. Women want the same opportunities and power, and they strive to see a better self, so we defend our power. Women should be treated equally, not only at the workplace, but in all circumstances. Although there are pockets of women, especially in rural communities who are not aware of their rights, they should be educated to progress with the times.

We should not live under the label given by others. This is YOU, so live your life accordingly. Do not be afraid to speak up, and be bold to defend your rights, because we need a collective power to fight discrimination against women.



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