MYMA & Free Makan Reaches Out To B40 Communities

MYMA & Free Makan Reaches Out To B40 Communities
MYMA & Free Makan Reaches Out To B40 Communities

MYMA & Free Makan Reaches Out To B40 Communities

BAC’s Community Partner, MYMA (My Young Mind Association), who has been working with underprivileged families since 2013, set out on 4th, 6th, 17th and 22nd June, to distribute grocery packs to B40 families and underprivileged communities. Under the Free Makan ‘Stop Hunger – Help Feed 10,000 B40 Families’ campaign, MYMA visited 21 locations to distribute grocery packs filled with essentials that can last a family for 2 weeks. 

Each family received a bag of rice, cooking oil, flour, beehoon, instant noodles, sardines, sugar, salt, potatoes, onions, garlic and cream crackers. Children from these families were also treated to a goodie bag containing Tiger biscuits, Toblerone, Cadbury chocolates and Twisties.

From single mothers whose husbands were drug addicts, some with spouses still in prison, to daily wage earners like sweepers and labourers earning as little as only RM10 to RM20, who have lost their source of income, sustaining themselves and their families  has become a struggle. Free Makan and MYMA hopes that with this, at least families with little or nothing at all can sleep peacefully at night having to not worry about their next meal.

All recipients expressed their gratitude, with many in tears as they thanked the generous sponsors.

Below are the recipients under MYMA:

MYMA’s deliveries


Dry rations being stored at BAC’s accommodation facility, The Mansion, Brickfields before heading out to recipients


A volunteer loading and sorting the goods into a vehicle before delivery


Another vehicle filled with packs to be delivered


Each family received a bag with these items


Among the recipients at PPR Air Panas


A lady from PPR Kampung Muhibbah happy to receive aid


Dry rations to last families for at least two weeks

Pictures courtesy of Moo Tik Pin and our community partners

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