Past Causes

01 Nov

Give the Gift of Joy this Deepavali

This fundraiser hopes to support families in Selangor and Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur. In the spirit of Deepaval, families will receive cash to use in the best way possible to bring joy to their loved ones. All donations are welcome as every little helps.  With your support we can help families in need celebrate this Festival of Lights. PERMA has raised RM3,000 and we need your help to raise another RM7,000. Donate to: PERMA Bank: HSBC Account Number: 302034921001 Please send us proof of donation...

29 Sep

Help our Street Friends Survive COVID-19

PERTIWI has been serving the less fortunate for the last 50 years and needs our continuous support. This project is part of our students’ community project so help inspire them to be better citizens and motivate them to reach the target of 1000 meals for the homeless at RM 5 a meal!All donations are welcome as one meal costs RM 5. Donate to PERTIWI Bank: RHB Bank Bhd Account Number: 2-14035-10201591 Please send us proof of donation to or via WhatsApp (Yau Ke...

11 Jun

Support Malaysia’s Most Vulnerable in the Fight Against COVID

There are a lot of things we don’t know about the virus COVID19. But what we do know is that It has become imperative for society to practice good personal hygiene and respiratory etiquette (wear masks) to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe and healthy. However not all of us can afford what has now become the ‘new normal’. I.e.: buying masks, soaps and sanitisers. When you wash your hands, please spare a thought for those who cannot afford the...

19 May

Leave No One Behind: Help Marginalised & Stateless Children in Sabah

Etania, meaning the greatness of God, is a group of schools set up to provide quality education for marginalised, undocumented and stateless children in Sabah. These children live in a slum in the city area of Kota Kinabalu and are extremely malnourished. Their parents are migrant workers and have lost their daily jobs, mainly in construction, since the MCO was implemented. They have no money and very often, the children go hungry as they have no food to eat. All donations are welcome...

19 May

Tender Hearts: Donate and Empower Special Needs Youth

Tender Hearts firmly believes that everyone has the ability to contribute to society, in any way they can. They are committed to providing hands-on skills training for youth with special needs to make them employable and ready to live independently. Your donations will be used to furnish the kitchen for catering and will give these young people, with special needs, a sense of pride and purpose. Every little counts and we are so grateful for anything you can share. Donate to: Tender Hearts...

08 May

Help Domestic Violence Survivors Get Through COVID-19

There’s a real story behind every woman escaping domestic violence. On their own with children, many of these women come from low income groups and have lost their daily income due to the COVID19 pandemic. These are women and their children who have been forced to leave their homes because of abuse with just a suitcase. These survivors are now living independently with their children. But they need your help to rebuild their lives free from violence! This fundraiser hopes to support 100...

04 May

Caring for Healthcare – Protecting our Front-Liners

The Board of Visitors of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital is a government hospital in Kota Kinabalu (a focal point for COVID-19 in Sabah) that has initiated a donation drive to source long-term equipment to clean and sanitise the hospital and its equipment. Show your appreciation with a donation that will make a real difference to the amazing people who are saving lives daily and battling this pandemic on our behalf. All donations are welcome as every little goes a long way. Donate to:...

28 Apr

Help Refugees in Malaysia Survive COVID-19

These vulnerable communities have left their countries, most of them escaped death and persecution, to seek a better life for themselves and their families. Now without any source of income, they struggle each day to put food on the table. This fundraiser hopes to support 100 families in Selangor and Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, at a cost of RM 80 per family. All donations are welcome as every little helps.  PERMA has raised RM4,000 and we need your help to raise another...

28 Apr

Feed our Furry Friends

SPCA Kajang has been running an animal shelter for strays and rescued animals for the past 10 years. Our animal shelter houses more than 200 dogs who have become part of our extended family. Help us feed our furry friends. Every little helps. Donate to: SPCA KAJANG Bank: AmBank Malaysia Berhad Account Number: 8881014237978 Please send us proof of donation to or via WhatsApp (Moo 014-2315528 / 017-8912345). ...

28 Apr

Round 2 : Stop Hunger: Help our B40 Indian Women

Each household requires RM30 for one week’s worth of groceries. Donate to: Vivek, Community Mobiliser – Sg. Petani Bank: CIMB Account Number: 7048112657 Pongkothai, Community Mobiliser – Hulu Selangor Bank: Ambank Account Number: 0880020146580 Vethanayagi, Community Mobiliser – Jempol Bank: CIMB Account Number: 7024452492 ...

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