Asia Heroes Appeal for More Volunteers for Massive Flood Cleanup

Asia Heroes Appeal for More Volunteers for Massive Flood Cleanup

As flash floods continue to ravage the country, volunteer platform Asia Heroes was launched and is now appealing for more volunteers to assist with the flood cleanup, nationwide.

Thousands of homes have been destroyed by the mud and sludge left behind as a result of these floods. By volunteering, you can help these people get their life back on track much faster.

Asia Heroes is a one stop volunteer platform which links those interested to help to people in need. You can become a volunteer, or register your initiatives and connect with aspiring volunteers.

Malaysia Flood Relief efforts are currently ongoing. In the next few days, we need volunteers for cleaning efforts at the affected neighbourhoods, as well as to help distribute and pack essential items.

In collaboration with the UPLIFT initiative, Asia Heroes works tirelessly with NGOs, corporate and community groups, statutory bodies and volunteers to achieve its mission of connecting active volunteers to inspiring causes throughout Malaysia, and across the SEA region.

FreeMakan, together with UPLIFT (Pertubuhan Bangkit) and the BAC Education Group, have managed to raise RM256,650, for the Malaysia Flood Relief Campaign and are aiming to reach RM500,000 soon.

Asia Heroes are looking for more volunteers to help clean these homes as it is just too much work for the current team to cope with. More houses are affected everyday and the work is piling up.

GoodNews caught up with Skills Academy CEO Kumar Nagalingam and he explained that today, 25 volunteers headed for Kg.Tengah, Puchong, to clean up the homes affected by the floods there, after gathering at the VSQ, BAC PJ Campus at 8.30am. They left at 10.00am and reached there about 11.00am.

He said that when they were there, they met up with the community mobiliser Shakira. About 400 residences are affected there. The team managed to clean 5 homes and filled up 6 roro bins with damaged furniture.

The people there were devastated that the floods wiped out everything in their homes as the water level rose 5 feet high, he added.

“Estimates are it will take about 1 week (with help) to completely clean the outside of these houses before they can even start with the inside.

Many are exhausted and the elderly folk are helpless. They are waiting for volunteers to come and assist them,” he said.


Kumar said when they were there, they met a 72 year-old single mother, Rokya Othman, who was taking care of 3 OKU children.

“She takes care of the place alongside 4 other families and was working as a Rela volunteer for 55 years.

“She explained that when it started flooding, they ran into a shop in front of the house and her son’s leg cramped when they ran. She took her son to PPUM but now needs an aircon in the house as her children will not be able to survive the heat,” he explained.

72 year-old single mother, Rokya Othman

Please share this with friends and family so more can help out. Click here to find out more. We also hope that more organisations, groups and NGOs can encourage their staff to volunteer and use this as a chance to give back to the community.

If you would like to collaborate with us, or volunteer for a worthy cause, connect with:

Ms. Jinie: 016-778 8625
Mr. Arivinth: 018-989 6153
Dr. Malar: 012-239 6547
Mr. Kumar: 012-6039321

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