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About Us

Even before you graduate, you will be given the appropriate channels to access and secure an awesome career.

Disability or living with special needs should not prevent you from holding a great job or starting your own business. Enter SpecialJobs.com.my, a job portal catered for individuals with special needs.

Our goal is to increase employment among people with special needs by partnering with equal opportunity employers. From embracing a culture of inclusion and respect to cultivating ideas which encourage collaboration, flexibility and fairness, our partners are committed to providing a progressive environment for you to achieve your potential.
Our goal is to eliminate barriers to employment and bridge the gap between job seekers with special needs and the employers who want to hire them via our online interface, specifically designed to deliver "barrier-free" e-recruitment.

SpecialJobs also provide free training on resume writing, attending interviews, grooming, managing your finances, if you are newly employed, and other invaluable information for one starting off in a new career

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