HTAR Klang Receives 10 Oxygen Concentrators Under CovidFund.My

The painful reality of our healthcare system has left so many infected patients to fend for themselves. However, the rapidly increasing death rate proves that this is not an option. As the days go by, our loved ones are being taken by the virus at a blistering rate. We need to step up our game; we need to support our hospitals and frontliners, and help them save our people.

Among other supplies needed to treat Covid-19 patients, there is an urgent need for life-saving equipment and machinery. This includes oxygen concentrators, ventilators, and tanks.

We cannot stand back and watch as our fellow community members gasp for air.

In response to this emergency demand, Brickfields Asia College donated 10 oxygen concentrators to Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Klang. Each 5L unit costs around RM4000.00, bringing the total to a whopping RM40,000.00 for only 10 units of machinery. Though these 10 units may be able to save 10 lives and more, it is not nearly enough to cope with the current demand.

Ideally, each patient gets their own oxygen concentrator for however long they require it. However, our hospitals are being forced to limit the time that patients can use them, to a measly 30 minutes each. One concentrator is being shared between 5 patients and they have no choice but to rotate, which is not only risky but distressing as well.

Together, we can help them breathe.

Join us in our fundraising effort to make this right, to help, to save lives. You do not need a medical background to make a difference. Our goal is to raise RM1 million. Currently, we have fulfilled that goal by only 12 percent – be a part of the 100 percent.

As a nation, we have lost enough. How much more are we going to gamble? Lives are at stake, but you can change that. During these woeful times, we urge you to fight with us because together; we can be heroes.

Until a better tomorrow, stay safe and strong everyone!

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