FreeMakan Volunteers Assist At Medical Camp

The end of December 2021 was a harrowing one for families and communities who had to endure the flash floods. As floodwaters recede, relief efforts have now moved into Phase 2- namely cleaning homes and areas affected by the floodwaters and resultant debris.

While efforts continue, it became clear that medical aid for flood victims was also a necessity, and an urgent one.

On the 5th of January 2022, volunteers from FreeMakan worked alongside volunteers of Medi-Link at their medical camp in Taman Sri Muda.

In addition to providing medical aid, the Medi-Link tent also proved to be a useful drop-off points as volunteers stopped by to deliver groceries. This included items such as dry groceries, disposable underwear and baby supplies.

Later in the day, volunteers were pleasantly surprised by the contribution of 180 packed meals by an independant dono, Ms. Renusha Sundaraj.

It is our hope that these contributions by the public, however big or small, will provide some assistance to flood victims as they rebuild their lives.

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