The last week of December was a life-changing one for many families and individuals affected by the flash floods. No doubt, we may have seen continuous rainfall every year-end, and beginning of the year, and flooding was expected. But this time, it was different. 

As waters receded in areas inundated by flood waters in the Klang Valley, families started returning to their wrecked homes, beginning arduous cleaning and clearing, and along with it the heart-wrenching task of erasing many years of memories that has been built throughout the years. 

While flood-affected families in the Klang Valley gradually returning to normalcy, many areas in our neighbour state Pahang, are now hit with massive-floods. These places – Temerloh, also known as ‘Titik Semenanjung Malaysia’, Karak and Mentakab are not new to floods. However, this time round, they were not prepared to face the brunt of continuous rainfall for days.

With rivers overflowing, houses in the low-lands were severely affected, and families were left stranded without electricity and meals. Help only started pouring in days after, as many areas were inaccessible with rising water levels. 

With people of all walks of life coming together from all corners of the country and many NGOs working together to help affected families, it was a sight to behold.  

On 2nd January 2022, FreeMakan together with Uplift, and the BAC Education Group joined hands with partners from Pahang to bring aid to families in Karak, Mentakab and Temerloh. Among essential items distributed by our partners in Pahang include stoves, groceries, blankets, towels and toiletries. We hope that these items will bring temporary respite to flood victims as they gradually build their lives back.  

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