BAC Ensures Refugee Communities Are Not Left Behind

Malaysia is host to some 90,000 refugees and asylum seekers. When the pandemic first hit last year, there was a cry for help from the various refugee communities in society, calling for assistance.

Today, the plight of these refugees is far worse than the B40 Malaysian family. With no one to turn to, and no government agencies to help, apart from NGOs and CBOs, all hope seems lost for them.

Realising the great need to help these refugees, from 13th – 18th June, BAC Education Group through its team of staff volunteers, distributed 752 grocery packs to 6 groups of refugees around the Klang Valley, namely, the Rohingyas, Myanmar Muslims, Pakistanis, Somalis, Afghans, Nigerians and Sri Lankans.

Most of these families live in low-cost flats and PPRs and have had no source of income since the MCO started in 2020. The number of refugees requiring assistance is far much greater than what had been given out, but allocations were done based on funding and amount that could be afforded.

Most of the refugees who received this aid were single mothers and women-headed households where husbands had lost their jobs, and homes with many children. Being unable to pay their rent, with no means for urgent medical care, and with many mouths to feed, are the additional burdens of a larger family.

The grocery packs delivered did make a big difference to them, and they were most appreciative that an organisation was helping them out during this period where there was very little aid from other NGOs, unlike the previous MCOs.

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