Ampang Hospital Receives Emergency Kits

On 13th August 2021, Ampang Hospital received urgently needed CPAP Boussignacs along with M&H and CPAP Emergency Kits.

Four units of equipment were delivered, each costing around RM3,850.00, bringing the total to RM 15,400.00. These kits play an integral role in treating patients with breathing difficulties, which has proved to be rather common among Covid-19 patients. Not only does this equipment provide ventilatory support, but studies have also shown that fewer complications arise since intubation is not necessary, and hospitals stays are less lengthy for patients.

This lifesaving equipment is a gamechanger for our hospitals and the infected patients. Thanks to your generous donations so far, we were able to provide the Ampang Hospital with four units. Sometimes, the smallest contributions can make the biggest impacts.

With our frontliners risking their very lives and doing the best they can, it is on us to ensure that they have everything they need to keep doing what they do best, to keep saving lives – Malaysian lives.

We have lost a devasting total of 12,510 people and if we do not band together to help the very system that was built to save lives, then we will continue to crumble, continue to lose our loved ones. Let’s protect our healthcare system, let’s protect our people.

#KitaJagaKita #CovidFund #GiveBack

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