Adenland Sponsors RM5,000 for the FreeMakan Cause

BAC Education’s FreeMakan Campaign has just surpassed its initial goal of raising RM500,000 to feed 10,000 families during these challenging times. As we ponder upon our journey to this point, we can’t help but feel immensely grateful for all the groups, companies, NGOs and organisations who have lent their support and generosity to this campaign.

One such entity is none other than Adenland Group Sdn. Bhd. On July 2nd, the wonderful people over at Adenland sponsored RM5,000 to provide 100 grocery packs to families in need. Touched by their kindness during these turbulent times, BAC Education matched their sponsorship with an additional RM5,000, thus providing 200 grocery packs for distributions.

Families in the following locations received food aid as a result of Adenland and BAC Education’s sponsorship:

Our recipients, who struggle with food poverty, were filled with joy! The relief in their eyes was profound, knowing that there will be food on the table for their children in the weeks to come.

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