Donate now to help where it’s needed most. Your donations will help children,
families, and communities affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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    Help our Furry Friends!
    Raised: RM3,540.00
    Goal: RM5,000.00
    On November 3rd, 2020, heavy rain resulted in a severe flash flood which badly affected the FurryKids Savehaven animal shelter which housed 1,800 dogs.
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    A Student A Laptop
    Raised: RM1,500.00
    Goal: RM5,000.00
    Since the Movement Control Order, many students had to stay home due to physical distancing rules. Having no access to the necessary tools and internet connectivity mean that many students (from low–income families, marginalised communities and remote areas) are unable to attend online classes and continue studying from the safety of their home.
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    Round 2: The PPR Plight: Hope For The Hungry
    Raised: RM3,165.00
    Goal: RM5,000.00
    Not so far from the dazzling skyscrapers of the city lives a community of approximately 3,200 families, at the PPR flats in Lembah Subang. 80- 90% of its approximately 20,000 denizens fall under the hardcore poor category. Most of them are daily wage earners who are unable to work due to the MCO and their families are going hungry because they are struggling to make ends meet and cannot put food on the table.
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    The Dua Ringgit Project – Hope for Sabah
    Raised: RM620.00
    Goal: RM5,000.00
    Sabah has been hit hard by the economic repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic. The prolonged quarantine of vulnerable communities has caused many households to lose their main source of income, causing them to live on less than RM 7 a day until their savings run dry.
  5. Help the Crisis Home Community Survive COVID-19
    Raised: RM0.00
    Goal: RM5,000.00
    In times of crisis, vulnerable communities often slip through the cracks and overlooked. One such community is individuals/families living with HIV.
  6. The Youth Entrepreneur Empowerment Project
    Raised: RM0.00
    Goal: RM10,000.00
    In the 21st century, it is essential for our nation’s youths to stay ahead of the employment curve, standing up and taking charge of their lives by creating jobs independently in curbing unemployment. The Accelerate Reach Entrepreneurship Program is a 3 1/2 months program designed to empower youths by helping them become micro-entrepreneurs.
  7. Helping the Vulnerable in Times of Crisis
    Raised: RM0.00
    Goal: RM5,000.00
    Global Shepherds is a women’s shelter that strives to create a safe space for women and children from vulnerable communities, primarily victims of gender-based violence who are mostly refugees, economic migrants, and trafficked women.
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    Help our Sabahan Friends Survive COVID-19
    Raised: RM2,680.00
    Goal: RM5,000.00
    There are approximately 100 minority rural families living in Kampung Alam Mesra, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Since the MCO begun, most of the breadwinners who are illiterate have lost their daily jobs, mainly in construction making it difficult to provide food for their family.
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    Aid for Sabah
    Raised: RM2,490.00
    Goal: RM5,000.00
    Since 29th September 2020, majority of the residences within the 4 districts of Sabah were economically affected due to the Targeted Movement Control Order (TMCO).
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