Donate now to help where it’s needed most. Your donations will help children,
families, and communities affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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    Give a Helping Hand: Feed Vulnerable Families in Mullaitivu, Jaffna
    Raised: RM1,200.00
    Goal: RM2,000.00
    Help the Centre for Child Development (Jaffna) provide food for 34,000 vulnerable families in extreme poverty whose livelihood has been further threatened due to the prolonged lockdown in Sri Lanka.
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    Caring for Healthcare – Protecting our Front-Liners
    Raised: RM3,160.10
    Goal: RM3,000.00
    Every second, thousands of Malaysians, across the nation, are risking their lives on the front lines in the battle against COVID-19. Working tirelessly around the clock, these brave men and women are putting themselves at risk to ensure our health and safety. Without them, we would be facing dire consequences.
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    Round 2: The PPR Plight: Hope For The Hungry
    Raised: RM615.00
    Goal: RM5,000.00
    Not so far from the dazzling skyscrapers of the city lives a community of approximately 3,200 families, at the PPR flats in Lembah Subang. 80- 90% of its approximately 20,000 denizens fall under the hardcore poor category. Most of them are daily wage earners who are unable to work due to the MCO and their families are going hungry because they are struggling to make ends meet and cannot put food on the table.
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    Leave No One Behind: Help Marginalised & Stateless Children in Sabah
    Raised: RM860.00
    Goal: RM2,000.00
    These children live in a slum in the city area of Kota Kinabalu and are extremely malnourished.
  5. Help our Street Friends Survive COVID-19
    Raised: RM0.00
    Goal: RM5,000.00
    For some, having food on the table is a luxury. So come and join IACT College's students in raising funds to help PERTIWI Soup Kitchen provide one of the basic necessities for the needy: a warm, home-cooked meal.
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