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    Round 2 : Stop Hunger: Help our B40 Indian Women
    Raised: RM5,000.00
    Goal: RM5,000.00
    They are the people experiencing disadvantage, B40 Indian women, in three states, who were already struggling to afford to feed their families. They are now finding it even more challenging to feed themselves and their families. These are the community members most at risk during this pandemic and whose livelihoods are facing the worst-case scenario. They are in dire need of food supply during this difficult time as they are now unemployed and to conserve what little they have; they are just having one meal a day. They absolutely do not have any savings. Some of the households have 4 to 5 mouths to feed.
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    Support Malaysia’s Most Vulnerable in the Fight Against COVID
    Raised: RM7,580.00
    Goal: RM7,500.00
    When you wash your hands, please spare a thought for those who cannot afford the basic bar of soap we take for granted. It has become the difference between health and death. But it doesn’t need to be. Let us all help the less fortunate as their welfare must be seen as our welfare.
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    Help our Furry Friends!
    Raised: RM5,000.00
    Goal: RM5,000.00
    On November 3rd, 2020, heavy rain resulted in a severe flash flood which badly affected the FurryKids Savehaven animal shelter which housed 1,800 dogs.
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    Round 5: Light Up the Life of a Child this Christmas and New Year
    Raised: RM5,000.00
    Goal: RM5,000.00
    This Christmas and New Year, vulnerable children need joy and happiness more than ever. Every child’s Christmas and New Year should be full of excitement, warmth and laughter. But for many children, this year will be very different.
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    Feed our Furry Friends
    Raised: RM9,000.00
    Goal: RM9,000.00
    SPCA Kajang needs your support at this critical moment to be able to continue feeding the stray dogs in and around Bangar Sg. Long.
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    Help the Crisis Home Community Survive COVID-19
    Raised: RM2,640.00
    Goal: RM3,000.00
    In times of crisis, vulnerable communities often slip through the cracks and overlooked. One such community is individuals/families living with HIV.
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